Why don’t people believe in bisexuality?

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According to a recent report, 15 percent of people don’t consider bisexuality as a legit sexual orientation. These statistics show that bisexuality continues to be stigmatized by a wider section of the audience. According to this survey, people considered members of the bisexual community to be mentally or physically unsound, resulting in a mere confusion of sexual orientation.

The report also suggests that straight men are the least likely to believe in the idea of bisexuality. Surprisingly, gays and lesbians also exhibited towards the bisexual community. As a matter of fact, bisexual people from across the globe continue to face discrimination and stigma not only from heterosexuals but also homosexuals. This survey concluded that a vast majority of the people declared bisexuality isn't a legitimate sexual orientation.

On the other hand, straight men were three times as likely to characterize bisexuality as non-existent and just a made-up entity. On the contrary, women, the whites, gays and lesbians exhibited the least amount of anti-bisexual bias. Another interesting conclusion of this survey was that male bisexuals were viewed more negative compared to their counterparts.

Experts believe that hiding one’s sexual identity might have catastrophic affects .Such people get depressed and often tend to indulge in substance abuse. This might eventually result in lower rates of STD testing and treatment. A lot of bisexuals either accidentally transmit infection or fail to get themselves treated, which proves to be fatal in some cases.

Here is what a lot of people who don’t buy bisexuality as a legit sexual orientation feel about it:

·         People who don’t believe in bisexuality view it as a stopover on the way to someone confessing their homosexuality.
·         It has also been viewed as a way for those confused about whom they are attracted to.
·         Bisexuality has also been viewed as a temporary psychological disorder wherein the person would eventually be able to determine whom he/she is attracted to.

Stigma can make it difficult for bisexuals to feel socially connected. Official statistics have also revealed that around 12 percent of the total bisexual population in the United States in HIV positive. The United States is home to the largest bisexual population in the world. Medical experts and sociologists feel that if adequate steps are not taken at this moment, it could lead to disastrous results.

It is beyond doubt that people do not have a clear idea of what bisexuality is. This is why when bisexuals get rejected by others on online dating sites when they reveal their sexual orientation. While understanding bisexuality isn't every person’s cup of tea, it is certainly not a thing to be condemned. DatingBi.com is a reliable online dating site for bisexual women & men where they can come together and find their ideal match without having to face rejections on basis of sexual orientation.

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