Bi women& men Dating Tips

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Dating in a bisexual world is tough, is it? These are all false apprehensions which come out from your own insecurities and thoughts. Being a bisexual woman or man  doesn’t mean you’re someone different, it simply means that you are sexually and emotionally attracted to the same  and opposite sex.   rather than being attracted to the opposite sex like the straight people. That is the only factual difference. To date without any hassles or issues, you need to do some homework and these tips would help you carry forward a smooth and stable relationship:

·         Be Confident: Whether you are a straight or a bi willing to date, you need to be confident in the first place. For a stable relationship, you must build a secure base which is possible only when there is unconditional love and trust. If you aren’t confident about your own identity, who else would be? Fix it up yourself. Be confident and proud about your identity rather than finding someone you can depend on. That wouldn’t help.

·         Jealous? Mend it: You must always trust the partner you date, jealously isn’t your cup of tea if you are in a relationship. The only thing that matters is whether the person is true to you. If someone else is attracted to your partner, it’s your gain and their loss; rather than being jealous you must be proud of dating someone who has many followers yet chooses to date you. Build the trust and don’t be insecure or jealous. -

·         Comparison is shame: Being a bisexual person, you cannot compare relationships with the straights. You’ll keep getting perplexed and will always get a confused response about this. So don’t compare your relationship with others. Everyone’s story isn’t the same and if you abide by this and promise not to compare, all the brownie points add up with your relationship for sure.

·         Modesty is the key: Don’t be a complaint box. Rather than pestering your partner about what is bothering you, it’s better if you work on that bit yourself. Be modest and open about your needs and desires. If you feel like cuddling your partner, just do it. If you want to talk about sex, go for it. Be transparent and honest; your relationship would go a long way.

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