Annoying problems that bisexuals have to face

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Everybody in this world is unique. We are all born with particular likes, dislikes and uniqueness that separate us from others. Some are born as men, some as women. Even the choice of being straight, lesbian, gay or bisexual is inbuilt since birth. Few stereotype and orthodox people think that one’s sexuality is a choice that they make, but they fail to realize that it is imbibed in them. It has nothing to do with peer pressure or their surroundings, but it is a part of their overall personality.

A bisexual is just like any other person, with the only difference in their choice of sexuality.  They are drawn towards both, men and women equally. Considering the narrow outlook and little knowledge of bisexuality ofpeople, dating becomes a trouble for those who are bisexuals.

Here are some problems that the bisexualsare made to go through:

·         Being labeled as promiscuous: Bisexuals are often labeled as people who is just in it for fun. People of both the genders feel that bisexuals just want to get physical with both men and women, without any emotional connect with either.

·         Regarded as indecisive: Usually the common notion is that bisexuals are those who are not able to decide if they are inclined towards women or men. People believe that when they cannot take such a big decision about their sexuality, they would do no justice to any relation.

·         Doubted for having multiple partners: Bisexuals are often treated as someone who are engaged in multiple relations with both men and women at the same time. This has nothing to do with sexuality, as it is more about someone’s inner self and the value that they give to relations and not what their sexuality is.

·         Change of sexuality: Oftentimes, when a bisexual dates a straight or gay or lesbian person, these people fear that someday their partner might just decide to change his or her sexuality. Either they would turn into gay or lesbian, which would ruin the whole relationship.

Being bisexual is not as easy and fun, as it may sound to lot many people. Going through constant doubts and fears, takes a toll on your mental well being. The need is for people to treat a bisexual as an individual and trust them and their love, completely. Online dating is a great way to help bisexuals find people just like them, without any judgment or discrimination.Such as or Online fun page or groups to meet other bisexual people also a good choice. For example , BisexualWomen, BisexualWomenDate.

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